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Dental Exams

Comprehensive Dental Exam

Comprehensive Dental Exam

At Dunedin Dental, we believe preventative dentistry is very important to your health - both your oral health and your overall health. Preventing dental problems, keeping your teeth healthy, and preventing potentially costly and painful dental issues in the future all lead to a healthy mouth, and healthy you!


Our comprehensive dental exams keep your smile beautiful and strong. We perform a visual inspection of your mouth, head and neck to detect any issues or abnormalities, use digital imaging to detect any cavities as well as any issues with existing dental restorations, and check for any conditions such as gum and bone recession.


In short, receiving a comprehensive dental exam is the best way to evaluate your overall health and hygiene. During a thorough dental examination, your dental team may include any or all of the following:

  • Check for signs of decay or periodontal disease
  • Ask about any medications
  • Perform an X-ray using low radiation digital imaging
  • Evaluate occlusion (bite)
  • Evaluate jaw
  • Discuss proper homecare
  • Take a dental impression
  • Perform an oral cancer exam - skillfully examining the area around cheeks, gums, tongue, under the jaw and side of the neck  

If you'd like to learn more or schedule an appointment for a comprehensive dental exam, reach out to us today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Exams

What is a dental cleaning?

A dental cleaning, or oral prophylaxis, removes dental plaque and tartar (calculus) from your teeth. We use special instruments to gently remove these deposits without harming teeth. The process starts with an ultrasonic device that emits vibrations. Cooled by water, it  works to loosen the larger pieces of tartar. Then, hand tools are used to manually remove smaller deposits and smooth the tooth surfaces. Once all the tooth surfaces are clean, and rid of tartar and plaque, your teeth are then polished. A smooth, polished tooth service discourages the formation of new plaque and tartar.

Will I receive fluoride treatment during a dental exam?

You may be offered a fluoride treatment as a part of a routine, thorough exam and dental cleaning. Natural fluoride helps strengthen teeth and prevent decay. It’s applied to your teeth in a varnish, maximizing its benefit to the teeth.

How often do I need to see my dentist?

Typically, you should schedule regular visits with your dental team every six months, or as directed by your dental team, for a comprehensive examination and dental cleanings. This prevents dental health issues in the future, and keeps your teeth healthy by removing plaque and tartar.

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