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Are Veneers Permanent?

February 23, 2023
Are Veneers Permanent?

Dental veneers can be the solution you’re looking for if you have teeth that are stained or chipped, show gaps or are misaligned. Veneers create extremely attractive results for a smile you’ll be happy to share. 

Are they permanent? They are extremely long lasting if you take good care of your teeth with simple and routine dental hygiene. Let’s take a closer look at veneers and how they can make your smile its best.

All About Veneers 

There are different types of Dental veneers:

  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Composite Veneers

Here’s the difference between them. Porcelain veneers last the longest, and offer the utmost natural-looking attractiveness. Crafted in a laboratory, they imitate the way your natural teeth enamel looks, and their custom look utilizes many thin porcelain layers.

Composite veneers are created from composite resin, and cost less than porcelain veneers. They may be made right in your dentist’s office, or created in a lab. While they are custom-made, just like porcelain veneers, the resin material is not as long lasting porcelain, and can be more prone to staining over time.

How Veneers are Made and Applied

Your veneers will be created in a series of simple steps. First, your dentist will take an impression of your teeth to model the veneer; next, a color guide will be consulted to find the color that best suits your natural teeth. Then, the dental veneers are custom-created, and once completed, will be cemented onto your teeth by your skilled dentist at Dunedin Dental.

Veneers can’t be removed once applied; but they’re easy for your dentist to replace when worn out. 

The Best Uses for Veneers 

Why choose veneers? They make an excellent way to correct everything from discolored and chipped teeth to uneven tooth length, cover gaps, or correct the look of teeth that are a bit crooked, miss-sized or misshapen. They work by covering the tooth’s front surface area and then wrapping around the sides of the tooth as well as the bite edge.

Durability of Veneers

So, how long lasting are veneers? Usually, veneers have a durable lifespan of up to 15 years. Precisely how long they last depends on both the type of veneer that you select - porcelain lasts the longest with good dental care. Remember, good dental care extends the life of veneers and protects your own teeth. It’s all routine: brush and floss twice each day and make those six month dental exams and cleaning appointments at your dentist’s office. There are some things you should avoid, too, such as high sugar candies and beverages, chewing on your nails or ice, and using your teeth as tools to open the mail. Of course, avoiding these things is a great way to keep your natural teeth their best, too, preventing chips and decay.

Learn More About Veneers

If you’re ready to learn about veneers, at Dunedin Dental, we can help you find out all the facts. And, if you’d like to schedule an appointment, contact us today. We love to make you smile.

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