5 Signs You May Need Braces

When it comes to having straight teeth, braces are one of the most effective teeth straightening treatments out there. However, there are several other reasons why you may need to consider braces. Some of these dental issues only develop later in life, which is why children and adults alike find themselves wearing braces at some point in their life.

Ultimately, visiting an orthodontist will help you determine whether you need braces or not. But how can you figure out whether it’s time to book an appointment with your orthodontist? Here are the top five signs you should be aware of when it comes to considering braces:

Sign #1: Teeth Crowding

One of the most common reasons for children and adults alike to get braces is crowding. Overtime, your teeth may begin to crowd each other in the mouth, growing at improper angles and getting in tight with one another. Crowding can not only lead to mouth pain, but often makes it harder to brush and floss. Crowding often causes plaque to accumulate more quickly, which in turn can lead to tooth decay and gum disease.

Fortunately, teeth crowding is one of the easier orthodontic issues that can be straightened out with braces. If you’re experiencing tooth pain and find your teeth pushed up tightly against each other in the mirror, it’s worth booking an appointment with your orthodontist to see if you’re experiencing crowding.

Sign #2: Gaping & Spacing 

This is the exact opposite of teeth crowding. Gaping and spacing refers to teeth that are too spread out from one another, and is usually due to a lost tooth, having a large jaw, or teeth coming in at different times. While gaping and spacing rarely lead to mouth pain, you might not have the picture perfect smile because of it. Depending on the spacing issue, braces may be an effective way to tighten up the gaps between your teeth.

Sign #3: Correcting Your Bite

There are many different bites and jaw alignments that can lead to problems with chewing or breathing while sleeping, or even leave you with a higher risk for teeth trauma. An overbite is when your front teeth have an excessive overlap of the lower front teeth, while an underbite is when there is an excessive front teeth underlap of the lower front teeth. Some people even experience a crossbite or or open bite, both of which can lead to difficulties eating and speaking.

Each of these bite issues can be treated through  braces. Not only will it lead to a more even smile, but a number of health advantages like easier chewing, speaking, breathing, and more.   

Sign #4: Irregular loss of baby teeth

Early, late, or the irregular loss of baby teeth are all signs that your child may need braces as their adult teeth come in. This is especially true if your child’s baby teeth fall out rotten, or your child’s baby teeth fall out in multiple pieces instead of a whole tooth at a time.

Ideally, your child should go in and see a pediatric orthodontist when they are around seven years old. It may be worth booking an appointment earlier if their adult teeth start growing in earlier, as some children start to grow their permanent adult teeth as early as five or six years old.  

Sign #5: Delayed Adult Teeth

Similarly to the last sign, it’s also worth reaching out to your pediatric orthodontist if your child’s adult teeth aren’t growing in as expected. An adult tooth typically emerges around three to six months after the baby tooth has fallen out, though some can take longer. Ideally, your child’s baby teeth will be fully replaced by their adult teeth by the time they’re 12 to 14 years old.

If there is a significant delay between the adult tooth replacing a baby tooth or in the full set of adult teeth emerging, there may be an issue your orthodontist will want to examine.

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